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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Aug-2009Active Site of Lipase from XRD and SiteEngine: A ComparisonJain, Nishu; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
18-Sep-2012Activity of the Immobilized Candida Rugosa LipaseSingh, Kavya; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
14-Oct-2013Agricultural Wastes as Adsorbents for the Removal of Toxic Metal Ions from Industrial EffluentsSingh, Joginder; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
13-Aug-2015Calcium and Zirconium Oxide Based Solid Catalysts for the Transesterification of Low Quality TriglyceridesKaur, Navjot; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
16-May-2016Computational analysis of glycogenes from mouse RNA-SEQ dataFiroz, Ahmad; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
10-Aug-2009Effect of Na+ and K+ on Lipase Catalyzed Hydrolysis of EsterSharma, Parul; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
31-Aug-2010Effect of Neutral Salt on Stability and Dynamics of Horse Ferrocytochrome CKaur, Karamjeet; Kumar, Rajesh (Guide); Ali, Amjad (Guide)
13-Sep-2011Hydrolytic Activity of Physically Adsorbed Lipase on SBA-15Chahal, Mandeep Kaur; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
8-Sep-2016Li-Zr/CaO As Heterogeneous Catalyst for the Transesterification of Cotton Seed OilAtri, Shivani; Ali, Amjad (Guide); Bhunia, Haripada (Guide)
23-Jun-2014Lipase Catalysed Transesterification Reactions of TriglyceridesMadhu, Katiyar; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
16-Aug-2010Lithium Supported Magnesium Oxide as a Heterogeneous Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Mutton FatKaur, Navjot; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
8-Sep-2016Ni Impregnated Zn/CaO as Heterogeneous Catalyst For Triglyceride Transesterification and Kinetic ModellingKumar, Sachin; Ali, Amjad (Guide); Gupta, Raj Kumar (Guide)
3-Sep-2014Nickel Impregnated Calcium Oxide as A Heterogeneous Catalyst for Biodiesel Production from Cotton Seed OilSharma, Sidharth; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
13-Sep-2011Preparation and Characterisation of Pure and Hybrid MCM-41 and MCM-48Kaur, Rinipal; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
9-Oct-2014Preparation and Characterization of Mixed Metal Oxides as Solid Catalysts for Transesterification of TriglyceridesKaur, Mandeep; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
5-Sep-2013Preparation of heterogeneous catalyst for the transesterification of waste cotton seed oilKaur, Satwinder; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
16-Aug-2010Preparation of Zinc Oxide Supported Heterogenous Catalyst for the Transesterification of Cotton Seed OilPriyanka; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
10-Oct-2011Studies on Cetane Number and Lubricity of Additives from Vegetable OilsKumar, Dinesh; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
9-Aug-2017Synthesis and characterization of SO42- loaded mixed oxides heterogeneous catalyst: Application in biolubricantKaur, Navneet; Ali, Amjad (Guide); Basu, Soumen (Guide)