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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Sep-2016Active and Reactive Power Control in An Islanded Solar Microgrid Using Droop ControllerVerma, Pankaj; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
10-Oct-2016Comparison between Perturb & Observe Method and Incremental Conductance Method for Maximum Power Point Tracking of PV ModuleTomar, Rahul; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
26-Jul-2017Frequency Control of Microgrid under Islanded Condition Using Fuzzy-PI based ControllerKaur, Jashandeep; Kaushal, Jitender (Guide); Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
11-Aug-2014Intigrating Dstatcom with Photovoltaic Energy Storage System for Power Transient StabilitySingh, Gurjot; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
14-Aug-2015Modeling and Simulation of a PV generator and Maximum Power Point Tracking Controller Using SimscapeSingh, Rajinder; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
14-Aug-2015Modeling of DFIG Based Wind Turbine Mitigating Dynamic Behavior under Varying Load and Asymmetrical Fault ConditionsSingh, Nagendra; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
12-Aug-2014Modelling and Simulation of Central Controller to Control Power Sharing In MicrogridKaur, Amandeep; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
19-Aug-2014Modelling and Simulation of Fuel Cell Based DC MicrogridMalhotra, Deepak Pardeep; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
28-Jul-2017Real Power Control of Storage Free Hybrid MicrogridYadav, Manish Kumar; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
14-Aug-2015Simulation of a PV based microgrid assisted by fuel cell in Indian scenarioDey, Ashutosh Nayan; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
12-Aug-2014Study of Microgrid and Its Communication ProtocolsTripathi, Laxmi Shankar; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)