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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Nov-2009Customization of CAD Modelling Software Using Parametric Macros for Design of Machinable Artistic Surface PatternsSrivastava, Rahul; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Jwanda, A. S. (Guide); Duvedi, R. K. (Guide)
24-Sep-2012Design and Fabrication of the Setup for Resin Sand Reclamation and Investigate the Effects of Different Parameters on the Performance of the Reclamation ProcessBrar, Hardeep Singh; Batish, Ajay (Guide)
4-Sep-2011Designing of New Chute Plate for Quick Die Change on High Speed PressesTyagi, Gaurav; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide); More, Sachin (Guide)
1-Oct-2009Empirical Modeling for a Submerged ARC Welding Process for Predicting the Weld Bead Geometry and MicrostructureKumar, Parveen; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar (Guide)
5-Feb-2015Ergonomic Investigations of Asymmetrical Manual Lifting Tasks on Indian Male WorkersSingh, Ravindra Pratap; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Singh, Tejinder Pal (Guide)
14-Aug-2008Evaluation of Wear Coefficient of Hot Forging Dies in Hammer ForgingPanesar, Sukhwinder Singh; Batish, Ajay (Guide)
16-Sep-2013Experimental investigation of magnetic field assisted electric discharge machining processBhatt, Geeta; Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide); Batish, Ajay (Guide)
1-Sep-2010An Experimental Validation of Simulated Coolant Nozzles and Their Orientation in a Grinding ProcessSingh, Mandeep; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide); Singla, Vinod Kumar (Guide)
1-Sep-2010Experimentation for Improvement in Surface Properties and Process Optimization of Die Steels by Using Powder Mixed Dielectric in EDM ProcessSingh, Gurpreet; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide)
18-Sep-2013Exploration Of Surface Roughness And Profile Error In Single Point Diamond Turning Of Mold Insert Material - Copper Alloy C18000Gupta, Anikate; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Ramagopal, S. V. (Guide)
19-Aug-2009Fractional Factorial Analysis and Empirical Modeling of Cardiopulmonary Responses During Lifting OperationsSingh, Baljeet; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar (Guide)
30-Aug-2008Fractional Factorial Analysis of Lifting and Carrying Tasks to Determine the Effect of Different Parameters and their InteractionsMaddamsetty, Prasant; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide)
4-Nov-2009Generalized Tool Path Generation Algorithm for Sculptured Pseudo Symmetric Surface MachiningJasra, Paras Mohan; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Jawanda, A. S.(Guide); Duvedi, R. K. (Guide)
8-Feb-2017Improvements in Design and Manufacturing of Camshafts for High HP EnginesBansal, Rajnish; Batish, Ajay (Guide)
25-Aug-2011Investigating the Effect of Tool and Work Material in Ultrasonic Machining of Titanium AlloysSaini, Parveen Kumar; Batish, Ajay (Guide)
27-Jul-2011Investigation of Effects of Process Parameters and Insert Geometry on Hard Turning of SteelsCheema, Manjot Singh; Batish, Ajay (Guide)
1-Sep-2010Investigations on Improvement of Material Properties and Parametric Optimization of MRR, TWR and Roughness Using Powder Mixed Dielectric in EDM ProcessSingh, Gurmail; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide); Singla, Vinod Kumar (Guide)
6-Jun-2016Investigations on Machining Characteristics of Cryotreated Titanium Alloys and Electrodes Using EDMKumar, Sanjeev; Batish, Ajay (Guide); Singh, Rupinder (Guide); Singh, T. P. (Guide)
28-Oct-2017A Knowledge Economy Model for Government- Academia-Industry Collaboration in Automotive Industry in IndiaSingh, Supreet; Nangia, Vinay K. (Guide); Batish, Ajay (Guide)