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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2016Accuracy of Components during Single Point Incremental FormingSingh, Dharminder; Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide); Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
22-Aug-2016Bond Graph Aided Hydraulic Flow Model of Plant in Response to Physical and Environmental FactorsLahkar, Bhrigu Kumar; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
16-Sep-2013Bond graph aided performance analysis of antilock braking system for a vehicle with camber and fork angleSingh, Adityabir; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
19-Aug-2015Bond Graph Aided Thermal Analysis of Finite Journal BearingChoudhary, Shubham; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide); Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide)
26-Aug-2016A Bond Graph Approach to the Modelling of Cardiovascular System with Embedded Autonomic Nervous SystemSharma, Kartik; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
22-Aug-2016Bond Graph Modeling and Control of Segway Using Principle of Inverted Pendulum SystemKumar, Ashish; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide); Singla, Ashish (Guide)
29-Aug-2017Bond Graph Modelling and Simulation of Walking Mechanism of Quadruple RobotSoharu, Garima; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
25-Aug-2014Development of a Thermal Model for a Twin-Tube Shock Absorber: Experimental and Modeling ApproachSingh, Amritveer; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
16-Sep-2013Dynamic analysis and control of semi active suspension system for a heavy vehicle: a bond graph approachSingh, Jagjit; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
25-Aug-2014Experiment and Modeling of Vertical Milling Cutter Deflection Due To Cutting ForcesThakur, Ankit; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
25-Aug-2014Experimental and Analytical Modelling and Control of Precision Surgery ManipulatorKumar, Aashish; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide); Kumar, Devender (Guide); Verma, Sanjeev (Guide)
25-Aug-2014Inverse Vehicle Dynamic Model of a Bicycle Vehicle with Power Steering: A Bond Graph ApproachAnshuman; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
29-Aug-2017Mass Balancing of 3-Cylinder and 4-Cylinder Inline Engines with Balancer Shafts using Bond Graph ApproachSingh, Joypreet; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide); Singh Bisht, Jasvir (Guide)
19-Aug-2015Model reduction in vehicle dynamic systemsSingh, Manarshhjot; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
22-Aug-2016Modeling and Experimental Validation of Droplet Size in Gas Metal Arc Welding ProcessRana, Abhay Singh; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide); Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide)
25-Aug-2014Modelling and Experimental Analysis of a Thermal System Equivalent to a Car Parked in Direct SunlightDixit, Sushank; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide); Kumar, Devender (Guide)
20-Aug-2015Parametric Study on Flux Activated Tungsten Inert Gas Welding of AISI 316 and Duplex 2205 SteelPragya, Sneh; Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide); Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
22-Aug-2016Target Reaching and Workspace Analysis of a Planar Parallel ManipulatorAgarwal, Dharmveer; Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)