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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Aug-2017Accident Studies and Road Safety Audit of Four Lane Jammu to Udhampur Section of NH-1A From Km 15.200 To Km 67.000 of NH 1-A In The State of Jammu & KashmirSharma, Lovepreet; Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
6-Oct-2014Accident Studies and Road Safety Audit on National HighwaysBhagat, Kapil; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
6-Oct-2014Correlation of CBR with Index Properties of SoilMahajan, Vikaran; Pathak, Rajesh (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
6-Sep-2016Development Of Pavement Maintenance Management System (PMMS) of Patiala City Road Network Using HDM-4 ModelMandhani, Jyoti; Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
13-Nov-2014Development of Ultra High Performance Concrete Using Silica Fume, Nano Silica and SlagSaini, Sahil; Kumar, Maneek (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
25-Jul-2017Effect of addition of marble dust in subgrade soil on the fatigue and rutting behaviour of flexible pavementMoudgil, Shubham; Chopra, Tanuj (Guide); Pathak, Rajesh (Guide)
4-Aug-2017Effect of Addition of SBS Polymer and Zycotherm on Bitumen and Bituminous Concrete Mix Prepared With Riverbed & Limestone AggregateSingh, Harpreet; Chopra, Tanuj (Guide); Garg, Neena (Guide)
30-Aug-2016Effect of Addition of Steel Fibers on The Properties Of Pervious ConcreteAvishreshth; Bansal, Prem Pal (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
6-Sep-2016Effect of Aggregate Gradation and Compactive Efforts on Marshal Properties of Dense Bituminous Macadam Mix Grade IIKaur, Harjinder; Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
30-Oct-2014Effect of Fly Ash & Ground Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as Cement Replacement Materials on Strength and Durability Characteristics of Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC)Singh, Maninder; Kumar, Maneek (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
14-Oct-2014Effect of Foundry Sand and Steel Fibres on the Strength Characteristics of Pavement Quality ConcreteAbrol, Ankit Kumar; Kumar, Maneek (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
30-Oct-2014Effect of Marble Dust and Furnace Slag as Sand Replacement Materials on Strength Properties of Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC)Thakur, Yogesh Kumar; Kumar, Maneek (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
13-Oct-2015Effect of Rice Husk Ash and Steel Fibre on the Strength Characteristics of Pavement Quality ConcreteKumar, Rajesh; Chopra, Tanuj (Guide); Kumar, Maneek (Guide)
28-Sep-2015Effect of Silica Fume and Nano Silica as Cement Replacement Material on Strength Properties of Pavement Quality Concrete (PQC)Rana, Sankalp; Kumar, Maneek (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
16-Apr-2014Effect of Soil Stabilizers on the Structural Design of Flexible PavementsDhanoa, Navtaj Singh; Chopra, Tanuj (Guide); Pathak, Rajesh (Guide)
29-Jul-2013Effect Of Steel Fibres And Marble Dust On Strength Characterisitcs Of Pavement Quality ConcreteSingh, Tarunbir; Kumar, Maneek (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
27-Aug-2016Effect of the Position of Geotextile on the Strength Characteristics of Subgrade in Bituminous PavementsGupta, Tarun; Pathak, Rajesh (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
6-Oct-2014Effect of Waste Plastic on the Strength Characteristics of the Subgrade for the Flexible PavementJindal, Kartik; Pathak, Rajesh (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
23-Sep-2013Effectiveness of using polymers and cement for soil stabilizationVerma, Neeraj; Sharma, Shruti (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)