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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2015Acoustic emission vis-à-vis electrochemical techniques for corrosion assessment in RC elementsPatil, Shilpa; Goyal, Shweta (Guide); Karkare, Bilavari (Guide)
29-Nov-2011Active Protection of Corroded Steel Rebar Embedded in FRP Wrapped ConcreteKaur, Nimrat Pal; Mukherjee, Abhijit (Guide); Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
27-Sep-2012Active Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures by FRP SheetsKumar, Sunil; Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
5-Aug-2013Compressive strength and bond behaviour of recycled coarse aggregate concreteSingla, Shilpa; Goyal, Shweta (Guide); Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
27-Jul-2011Coplanar Strip Line based Technique for the measurement of Defects in GFRP Wrapped Concrete StructuresSharma, Devinder; Mukherjee, Abhijit (Guide); Khanna, Rajesh (Guide); Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
20-Nov-2014Correlation of Durability Aspects of Concrete Mixes with the 28 Days Strength and Absorption CharacteristicsAnand, Kamal; Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
17-Oct-2011Corrosion Behaviour of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced With SiC and Zircon SandAvdesh; Singla, Yogesh Kumar (Guide); Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
14-Oct-2015Effect of Addition of Stone Dust as Fine Aggregate on Properties of Concrete Containing Rice Husk Ash as Cement ReplacementOberoi, Navdeep Singh; Kumar, Maneek (Guide); Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
29-Sep-2015Effect of application of corrosion inhibitors on the properties of concreteSharma, Saubhagya; Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
20-Nov-2014Effect of Colloidal Nano Silica on the Mechanical and Rheological Behavior of Blended Cement PastesKumari, Priyanka; Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
14-Oct-2015Effect of Partial Replacement of Cement with Waste Marble Powder in Cement Pastes Vardhan, Kirti; Goyal, Shweta (Guide); Siddique, Rafat (Guide)
20-Nov-2014Effectiveness of Organic Chemicals as Corrosion Inhibitors in Saturated Calcium Hydroxide Solution with Reduced AlkalinityKhurana, Rahul; Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
25-Oct-2017Efficiency of 2 Aminopyrimidine as Corrosion Inhibitor under Chloride and Carbonated EnvironmentBharti, Apporav; Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
5-Aug-2013Efficiency of Corrosion Inhibitor to Mitigate Carbonation Induced CorrosionKumar, Pankaj; Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
23-Oct-2017Efficiency of Various Corrosion Inhibitors to Resist Carbonation and Chloride Induced CorrosionRana, Aditya; Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
14-Sep-2010FRP Stay in Place FormworkGoyal, Reema; Goyal, Shweta (Guide); Mukherjee, Abhijit (Guide)
20-Nov-2014Improvement in Properties of Bulk and Surface Concrete by Using BacteriaTripathi, Ekta; Goyal, Shweta (Guide); Reddy, M.S. (Guide)
30-Sep-2008Laboratory Investigations of the Properties of Concrete Containing Recycled Plastic AggregatesYadav, Ishwar Singh; Kumar, Maneek (Guide); Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
30-Oct-2014Mathematical Modelling for Bond Strength of Recycled Coarse Aggregate Concrete Using Genetic ProgrammingBishnoi, Upender; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide); Goyal, Shweta (Guide)