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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Aug-20148X8 MIMO System Using Precoded and Convolution Encoded Linear Dispersion CodesKaur, Satinder; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
8-Oct-2010Algorithm for image sharpening and edge detection using DWT-UM; Amisha; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
5-Oct-2012Development of visual interface and hardware logic for open architecture nc controller for 3-axis simultaneous interpolationKumar, Rahul; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar (Guide); Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
14-Aug-2014Discrete Wavelet Transform Based OFDM System using Convolutional EncodingKaur, Karanpreet; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
22-Aug-2016Image Security Enhancement By Semi Fragile Watermarking Appended With Unsharp MaskingGhai, Alice; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
17-Aug-2010An Improved ACO based on Estimation of Distribution; Kumar, Jitendra; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
21-Jul-2011Performance Analysis Of 8 X 8 MIMO-OFDM System Using QOSTBC under Different Fading Channels For Higher Order Modulations; Kansal, Lavish; Singh, Kulbir (Guide); Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
11-Aug-2017Performance Analysis of Cyclic Prefix Free STBC Encoded MIMO-OFDM System Using Oblique Projection TechniqueAtrey, Shivangi; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
13-Oct-2011Performance Analysis of Spectrum Sensing Techniques for Cognitive Radio over Wireless Fading Channels; Arora, Komal; Singh, Kulbir (Guide); Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
20-Aug-2015Performance analysis of STBC MIMO-OFDM transceiver using ICI self cancellation and cooperative diversityGoyal, Rajni; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
2-Sep-2017Performance Enhancement of Copy-Move Forgery Detection by Using Shi Tomasi-Surf Detector and Surf-PSO AlgorithmGupta, Anmol; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
11-Aug-2015Performance evaluation of microstrip patch antenna with different DGS shapes and substrate materialsSingh, Jashan Preet; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
11-Aug-2017Performance Evaluation of QO-STBC Encoded MIMO System with D-QR Decomposition Under TWDP Wireless Fading ChannelKaur, Ishdeep; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
22-Sep-2016Routing Optimization by Appending ACO With AODV in MANETSKhurana, Ronak; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
17-Sep-2010Sierpinski Gasket: Multiband Fractal Antenna for 4G Systems; Kaur, Jaspreet; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
20-Aug-2015Symbol error rate performance of convolution coded 4X4 MIMO systems using LDC and precodingJain, Garima; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
30-Aug-2016Zero Forcing Precoder Based Multiuser MIMO System Using K-Mean GroupingSingh, Pawandeep; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)