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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Aug-2014Accelerated Target Detection Using Fractional Fourier TransformSingh, Ajmeet; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
26-Aug-2013Analog Realization Of Fractional Order CircuitsTanwar, Ritu; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
24-Aug-2016Analysis and Design of Fractional Domain Filtering Utilizing Fractional ToolsGoswami, Prashant Giri; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
13-Aug-2014Analysis and Design of Fractional Order Digital DifferentiatorDubey, Avinash Kumar; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
29-Oct-2010Design of Delay-Locked Loop in 0.18-┬Ám CMOS TechnologyTripathi, Shirish; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
29-Oct-2010Design of Low Power CMOS Cell Structures Based on GATE Diffusion Input TechniqueSharma, Deependra; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
29-Oct-2010Design of Low Power CMOS Cell Structures Based on Subthreshold Conduction PrincipleSharma, Vishal; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
16-Sep-2013Design of Non-integer Order Digital DifferentiatorSiddique, Tarique; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
24-Aug-2015Edge detection using fractional order differential operatorKaur, Sandeep; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
7-Sep-2017Electrocardiogram Signal Processing and ClassificationKaur, Amandeep; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
7-Sep-2017Electrocardiogram Signal Processing Using Joint Time-Frequency ToolsBajaj, Aditi; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
16-Jul-2014Fixed Point Theorems for Mappings in Some Abstract SpacesManro, Saurabh; Bhatia, S. S. (Guide); Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
9-Aug-2012FPGA Implementation of Digital Fir FilterKumar, Harsh; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
12-Aug-2011FPGA Implementation of Digital Fir Filter DesignKaur, Tanveet; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
30-Jul-2014Linear Lhase Low-Pass IIR Fractional Order Digital DifferentiatorKumar, Rajeev; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
12-Aug-2014Parameter Estimation of Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar Signal Using Wigner-Ville Distribution and Radon TransformKumar, Sudhir; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
24-Jul-2015Radar Signal Processing Based on Nonlinear Frequency Modulated WaveformsShruti; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
17-Jul-2012SMT-8036 based implementation of secured adaptive Software Defined Radio system for LDPC coded modulation techniquesKalsi, Arvinder Pal Singh; Khanna, Rajesh (Guide); Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
16-Sep-2013VLSI Implementation of Pipelined FIR filterSharma, Aarti; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)