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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Oct-2014Accident Studies and Road Safety Audit on National HighwaysBhagat, Kapil; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
9-Oct-2015Analysis of cable stayed bridges for flutter with gyroscopic active control device as torsional damperRagesh P M, Barath; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
20-Oct-2011Damage detection of retrofitted beam using Frequency response function; Kumar, Yogesh; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
9-Oct-2015Data driven tools for dynamic analysis of building framesJoshi, Shardul G.; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide); Londhe, S. N. (Guide)
7-Aug-2013Deterioration of RC beams due to reinforcement corrosionGupta, Anuj; Sharma, Shruti (Guide); Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
1-Nov-2015Effect of pre-loading on the corrosion of reinforcement in RC beamsPratap, Ajay; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide); Sharma, Shruti (Guide)
29-Oct-2015Effect of reinforcement corrosion on static and dynamic behaviour of RC beamsRattan, Anmol; Sharma, Shruti (Guide); Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
5-Aug-2013Effects of Blast on BuildingsKumar, Ravi; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
1-Oct-2008Estimation of Wind Load on Tall Buildings; Khajuria, Achyut; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
29-Oct-2014Evaluation of Interference Factor among Tall Buildings Using Genetic ProgrammingBakshi, S. K.; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
9-Aug-2013Evaluation of wind loads on buildings using genetic programmingAgarwal, Divya; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
18-Oct-2012Finite element modeling of precast R.C.C. joints and frame under cyclic loadingKhanna, Saurav; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
30-Oct-2014Finite element modelling of concrete filled steel tubular columnsThakur, Arvind; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
18-Oct-2012Finite element modelling of RC infilled frameGoyal, Arun; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
10-Oct-2011Finite Element Modelling of Reinforced Cement Concrete Skew Slab; Sharma, Madhu; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
7-Aug-2013Finite element modelling of reinforced concrete beam column jointsGoyal, Priya; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
Jul-2010Finite Element Modelling of Reinforced Concrete Frame; Kumari, Beena; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
7-Aug-2013Finite element modelling of reinforced concrete slabsBansal, Priya; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
13-Aug-2013Finite element modelling of skew slabs with edge supports; Kumar, Sanjay; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
12-Oct-2015Hygromechanical response of fibre reinforced polymers with varying fibre topologiesJain, Deepak; Mukherjee, Abhijit (Guide); Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)