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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2015Analysis and Visualization of Social DataGarg, Puneet; Rani, Rinkle (Guide); Miglani, Sumit (Guide)
1-Nov-2017Big Data Clustering Based Recommendation System Model Through CorrelationsPandove, Divya; Rani, Rinkle (Guide); Goel, Shivani (Guide)
22-Jul-2015Community Detection and Analysis of Twitter Social DataSharma, Aman; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
24-Jul-2015Comparative Analysis of SCM Tools and Coexistence with Agile MethodologyGupta, Satyam; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
31-Aug-2016Data Transformation and Query Analysis of Elasticsearch and CouchDB Document Oriented DatabasesGupta, Sheffi; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
31-Aug-2016Design and Performance Evaluation of Density Based Anomaly Detection Clustering Algorithms using Hadoop and Map ReduceBehera, Sourajit; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
4-Jul-2012An Efficient Algorithm for Web Page Change DetectionGoel, Srishti; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
31-Aug-2016Efficient Parallel DBSCAN algorithms for Bigdata using MapReduceGulati, Risha; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
7-Jul-2011An Efficient Token Management Algorithm for Message Dependent Deadlocks Recovery ArchitectureGarg, Nidhi; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
4-Aug-2017A Framework for Efficient Delivery of Software ProductsHooda, Diksha; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
4-Aug-2017Framework of Indoor User Localization Using Wi-Fi Fingerprinting and Visual CluesThind, Ronika; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
5-Aug-2016Hierarchical Clustering Algorithm for Big Data using Hadoop and MapreduceLathiya, Piyush; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
4-Aug-2017A Machine Learning Approach for Churn Prediction in TelecommunicationMishra, Kriti; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
27-Jul-2011Macro Designing and Comparative Evaluation of Various Predictive Modeling Techniques of Credit Card DataSingh, Ravinder; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
4-Jul-2012Modified Algorithm for Data Cleaning of Log File Using File Extensions in Web Usage MiningAnand, Surbhi; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
20-Jul-2012A Modified Algorithm to Handle Dangling Pages using Hypothetical Node in PageRank ComputationSrivastava, Shipra; Rani, Rinkle (Guide); Cheema, Karamjit (Guide)
7-Jul-2011A Modified Buffered Adaptive Algorithm for Routing in Optical Benes NetworkKaur, Tanvir; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
5-Aug-2014Moving to New Generation Databases (MongoDB Redis)Punia, Yogesh; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
16-Aug-2010A New Buffered Fabrication Technique for Augmented Data Vortex SwitchYadav, Ravinder; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
23-Jul-2015A Novel Approach for SLM GUI Design, Development and Test Suite AutomationGoel, Silvi; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)