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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Aug-2014Effect of Driver Size and Optimum Repeaters on Propagation Delay and Power Dissipation in MWCNT InterconnectsVerma, Arun; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
24-Aug-2017The Effect of Interlayer Distance and Doping on the Performance of Multilayer Graphene Nano Ribbons as VLSI InterconnectsWadhwa, Kashish; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
23-Aug-2013Impact of Voltage Scaled Repeaters on Delay and Power Dissipation of CNT and Copper InterconnectsSaini, Sandeep; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
28-Aug-2017Modeling and Performance Analysis of Mixed CNT Bundle as VLSI interconnectThakur, Arvind; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
26-Aug-2016Performance analysis of center to center separation between adjacent tubes of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes bundle as VLSI InterconnectsGaurav; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
19-Aug-2014Performance Analysis of Effect of Electric Field on Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes as VLSI InterconnectsKaur, Harsimran; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
23-Aug-2015Performance Analysis of Mixed-MWCNT as VLSI Interconnects for Nano-Scaled Technology NodesSharma, Shairy; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
3-Aug-2015Performance and Analysis of Hybrid Cu/CNT as VLSI InterconnectBharti, Ankush; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
14-Aug-2014Temperature Dependent Performance Analysis of Single Wall Carbon Nanotube as VLSI InterconnectsDhillon, Gurleen; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
27-Aug-2013Vertical and horizontal handover in heterogeneous wireless networksDhiman, Abhishek; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)