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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25-Jul-2016Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Over Hyper-Rayleigh Fading Channels in Multiple Antenna Based Cognitive Radio NetworksKumar, Rajeev; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
31-Jul-2015Distributed Spectral Access and Energy Efficient Cognitive Radio SystemVerma, Chirag; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
16-Aug-2016Minimising TTR for Frequency Rendezvous using Channel HoppingShikher, Shikher; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
19-Aug-2015Optimization and Performance Analysis of Linear Dispersive STBC Codes with Different EstimatorsChetna; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
17-Aug-2017Optimization of Nested Slot RFID Tag Antenna Using PSO AlgorithmGarima; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
14-Aug-2014Performance Analysis of Cooperative Communication using Amplify and Forward ProtocolAnand, Vikas; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
19-Aug-2014Performance Analysis Of Diversity Combining With OFDMSingh, Palvinder; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
5-Aug-2011Performance Analysis of Diversity Combining with Channel CodingRani, Rekha; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
13-Sep-2017Performance Analysis of Optimum Combining and Co-Channel Interference with Cooperative Relaying System in Cognitive Radio NetworkSharma, Neha; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
16-Sep-2010Performance Analysis of Spatial Channel Model in fast FadingSrivastava, Sandeep; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
14-Aug-2014Performance Analysis of Time Reversal Space Time Block Codes in Nakagami Fading ChannelDhiman, Subhashini; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
2-Nov-2017Performance Evaluation of Spectrum Sensing and RF Energy Harvesting for Cognitive Radios based on SDRSingh, Supreet; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
10-Aug-2017Performance of Scheduling Scheme for MU-MIMO BC System with Two-Stage FeedbackRalhan, Kanika; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
22-Jul-2011Real Time Channel Estimation for MIMO SystemsTaneja, Ashu; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
10-Sep-2010Real Time Implementation of Digital Modulation Techniques on Warp FPGABhardwaj, Lokesh; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
1-Jul-2011SMT-8036 based Implementation of Secured Software Defined Radio system for Adaptive Modulation TechniqueMehta, Sudhanshu; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
19-Aug-2014Zig-Bee based Wireless Sensor Network for an Agricultural EnvironmentSharma, Rahul; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide); Khanna, Rajesh (Guide)