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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Mar-2014Analysis and Design of Non Recursive Digital Differentiators in Fractional Domain for Signal Processing ApplicationsKumar, Sanjay; Singh, Kulbir (Guide); Saxena, Rajiv (Guide)
29-Oct-2010BER and PAPR Reduction of IEEE 802.11a Using RS Coding and SLM Technique; Singh, Vikash; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
24-Aug-2016Depth Estimation from Single Image for 2D-to-3D ConversionNidhi, Jamwal; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
17-Oct-2016Design and Analysis of Wavelet based Steganography Algorithms for JPEG2000 ImagesKasana, Geeta; Bhatia, S. S. (Guide); Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
29-Sep-2008Design and Implementation of Single Precision floating Point multiplier; Singh, Sarbjeet; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
8-Sep-2017Energy Aware PEGASIS based Fuzzy Scheduling for Wireless Sensor NetworkVerma, Yash; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
11-Sep-2017Exemplar-based Colour Image Inpainting: A Fractional Gradient Approach with Improved Confidence TermAujla, Sehajbir; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
24-Aug-2016Feature Development based on CFA Artifacts for Image Forgery DetectionAmneet, Singh; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
19-Aug-2015Feature Extraction Method based on Various ScanningTechniques in Iris Recognition SystemKaur, Kanwarpreet; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
10-Nov-2009FPGA based implementation of test and debug environment for high speed serial links; Kumar, Tejinder; Singh, Kulbir (Guide); Nagpal, Raj Kumar (Guide)
29-Sep-2008FPGA Implementation of DFT Using CORDIC Algorithm; Kumar, Vikas; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
11-Jul-2013Image resolution enhancement using hybrid wavelets and bicubic interpolationGaurav, Kumar; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
17-Sep-2010Implementation &Performance Analysis of Various Digital Watermarking Techniques; Kumar, Gaurav; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
29-Sep-2008Implementation of FIR filters on FPGA; Ranjan, Prabhat; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
24-Aug-2016An Improved Algorithm for the Detection of Diabetes using Iris ImagesMohit, Ahuja; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
11-Sep-2017An Improved Data-hiding Approach using Skin-tone Detection for Video SteganographyKumar, Pankaj; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
23-Aug-2013Improved image change detection using fractional fourier transformSatbir, Singh; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
31-Jul-2012Linear phase fir low pass digital differentiator designSingh, Simranjot; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
18-Aug-2015A Novel audio watermarking technique using data dependent decomposition and quantizationSharma, Vinay; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)