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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-Jul-2013Address Space Layout Randomization (ASLR) in Windows & Linux: Proof of Concept (PoC) ImplementationSonawala, Dipam; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
13-Jun-2012Analysis and Design of Mobile IP protocols SecurityGupta, Amit; Miglani, Sumit (Guide); Singh, Maninder (Guide)
5-Aug-2016Analysis and Detection of a BotnetKaur, Navdeep; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
23-Jul-2015Analyzing Data Leakage using Third Party Connections in Mobile ApplicationsKumar, Pradeep; Singh, Maninder (Guide); Singh, V. P. (Guide)
5-Aug-2010Ant Colony Optimization (ACO) based Intrusion Detection System; Singh, Tikka; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
8-Apr-2015Autonomic Model for Self-Healing and Self-Protection in Grid Computing using Multi-agentsChopra, Inderpreet; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
20-Aug-2014AVS Scanner: A Black Box Vulnerability Scanner with Minimum False PositivesSharma, Sparsh; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
31-Jul-2013Buffer Overflow Security techniques in Windows: Development, Verification and ValidationOberoi, Parul; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
23-Jul-2015Capture, analyze and detect malicious activities in a university network trafficGill, Harleen; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
8-Oct-2007Cluster analysis based on self organizing maps in fractal image compressionJindal, Lucky; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
13-Jun-2012DDoS attacks and their alleviation using iptablesDahiya, Ravinder; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
12-Aug-2009Deep Packet Inspection in Linux Kernel Firewall; Bhadade, Vaibhav B; Singh, Maninder (Guide); Singh, V P (Guide)
12-Aug-2009Design and Develop a Campus Honeypot to detect Intrusions; Singh, Kirandeep; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
5-Aug-2016Design and Develop a Framework for Social Network AnalysisKaur, Navpreet; Singh, Maninder (Guide); Singh, V. P. (Co-Guide)
5-Aug-2010Design and Develop ECC for wireless Sensor Networks; Ladha, Vandana; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
24-Jul-2008Design and Development of a Powerful Easy-to-use Packet Control API for LINUXSingh, Maninder (Guide); Singh (Guide), Maninder
23-Oct-2015DESIGN AND DEVELOPMENT OF AN EFFICIENT SOFTWARE CLONE DETECTION TECHNIQUERattan, Dhavleesh; Singh, Maninder (Guide); Bhatia, Rajesh (Guide)
28-Jul-2011Design and Development of Honeypot for Proactive Monitoring of Campus NetworkSingh, Gurpreet; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
4-Aug-2014Design and Development of Improved Stealth Alternate Data StreamsMahajan, Ruhi; Singh, Maninder (Guide); Miglani, Sumit (Guide)
18-Jul-2008Design and Development of Policy Scripts to Detect Network Intrusions Using BROKaur, Sanmeet; Singh, Maninder (Guide)