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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Aug-2010Analysis of Self Tuning Fuzzy PID Internal Model ControlPandey, Manoj; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide); Singh, Hardeep (Guide)
17-Oct-2011A Comparative Analysis of Different Controllers Considering Uncertainty for the Robust Position Control of DC MotorAslam, Farhad; Kaur, Gagandeep (Guide); Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
17-Oct-2011A Comparative Study of Different Advance Control Techniques for Steam Drum Level Control of BoilerGautam, Abhinav; Kaur, Gagandeep (Guide); Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
22-Jul-2011Comparative Study of Different Techniques of Image Enhancement for Grayscale and Colour ImagesVij, Komal; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
11-Sep-2008Comparative Study of Wavelet Families for Biomedical Image CompressionGoyal, Saurav; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
11-Sep-2008A Comparison of Fuzzy Logic Modal for Gain Scheduling in Load Frequency ControlParmar, Munish; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
1-Oct-2009Computer Aided Analysis of Filters Using Level Set segmentation for Biomedical ImagesGupta, Shweta; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
17-Sep-2010DE-Noising MEMS Vibrating Gyro Using Wavelet TransformDas, Sangram Kesri; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
11-Sep-2008Design and Development of a Power Efficient Code for FIR Filter Coefficients Using Genetic AlgorithmsAgnihotri, Swarajya; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
1-Oct-2008Design and Development of Friction Compensator Algorithm for One Link RobotArora, Mallika; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
23-Sep-2009Detection of Abnormalities in MRI Images using Texture AnalysisMonika, Arora; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
22-Jul-2011Development of a Medical Inferencing System Using Data ClusteringKhare, Yuvraj Bhushan; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
29-Sep-2008Development of Image Retrieval Algorithm Using Self-Organizing MapsSharma, Vishal; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
11-Sep-2008An Efficient Algorithm for Path Planning and Task Assignment of Multi-Mobile Robot System Using ANNGupta, Apra; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
9-May-2012Error Estimation and Controllability Analysis of Contemporary Fuzzy Logic Control ModelsKaur, Gagandeep; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
19-Apr-2007Fuzzy Logic Based Fabrication Copensator for Rotary Mechanical SystemsChahil, Gurpreet Singh; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide); Saini, J.S. (Guide)
29-Sep-2008Modeling of Routing Protocols for a MANET Using Neuro Fuzzy Petri NetsRajkamal, Golla; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
17-Sep-2010Performance Analysis of Linear Quadratic Regulator (LQR) Controller for D.C.MotorOjha, Piyush Chander; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
11-Sep-2008Performance Analysis of Optical CDMA Using Fuzzy Logic GeneratorSingh, Harmandeep; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
11-Sep-2008Performance Control and Analysis of Optical Fiber Instrumentation System in LAN EnvironmentKumar, Sumit; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)