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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Jan-2012Analysis and Implementation of Various Adders and Multipliers with Power and Performance PerspectivesDhammi, Puneet Bhardwaj; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
7-Oct-2008Design and Implementation of a Low Power High Speed Floating Point AdderAgarwal, Sunil; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide); Chatterjee, Arun Kumar (Guide)
25-Aug-2012Design and Implementation of High Performance 64-Bit VLIW MicroprocessorRani, Manju; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
29-Oct-2010Design and Implementation of Low power High Speed Floating Point Adder and MultiplierSeth, Ridhi; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
3-Oct-2008Design and Implementation of Viterbi Decoder using FPGAsSharma, Ajay; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
23-Oct-2017Design of High Performance Floating Point Multiply and Add UnitSharma, Deepti; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
3-Jan-2012Design of Low Power and High Fault Coverage Test Pattern Generator for BISTUdvanshi, Sunil; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
13-Aug-2015Development of Enhanced Test Data Compression Scheme for System on ChipShruti; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
13-Aug-2015Efficient Test Scheduling and IP Mapping Algorithm for NOC Based SOCAggarwal, Prashit; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
5-Sep-2016Mapping of Application-Specific NOC Using DPSO TechniquePandya, Ronak; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
10-Oct-2017Modified 10 Coded Test Data Compression Technique for System on ChipApoorva; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
25-Aug-2012Optimal Test Solution for Core based System on ChipGhosh, Debbrat; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
22-Aug-2014Optimization of test scheduling of SOC using Genetic AlgorithmNeelam; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
10-Oct-2017Scalable and Low Overhead Watermarking Based Integrated Authentication and Encryption Scheme for Wireless Sensor NetworksGambhir, Tanvi; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
25-Aug-2012SOC Test Data Volume Minimization with Testing Time ConstraintSharma, Deepika; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
13-Aug-2015Test Optimization of Core based SOCs Using Various Heuristic AlgorithmsDewan, Naveen; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
22-Aug-2016Test Time Optimization of Core Based SOCs Using Heuristic AlgorithmsSingh, Ashish; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)