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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Apr-2008AAMS:Art Advisory Management System Developed for CitibankDhar, Ashish; Manvinder Kaur
27-Sep-2017ABE Based Secure Distributed Storage Scheme for Big Data in CloudJain, Bhawna; Bhatia, Tarunpreet (Guide); Verma, A.K. (Guide)
24-Aug-2015Accelerated plethysmographybased enhanced pittaclassificationKaur, Sachpreet; Singh, Mooninder (Guide)
14-Aug-2014Accelerated Target Detection Using Fractional Fourier TransformSingh, Ajmeet; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
4-Aug-2017Accident Studies and Road Safety Audit of Four Lane Jammu to Udhampur Section of NH-1A From Km 15.200 To Km 67.000 of NH 1-A In The State of Jammu & KashmirSharma, Lovepreet; Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
6-Oct-2014Accident Studies and Road Safety Audit on National HighwaysBhagat, Kapil; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
12-Aug-2016Accuracy of Components during Single Point Incremental FormingSingh, Dharminder; Bhattacharya, Anirban (Guide); Bera, Tarun Kumar (Guide)
16-Jan-2012Accurate and fast algorithms for contour plotting in 2D and 3D domains for finite element analysis (FEA) dataSaini, Jaswinder Singh; Singh, Chandan (Guide)
19-Apr-2007Acoustic Echo Cancellation using Conventional Adaptive Algorithms and Modified Variable Step Size LMS AlgorithmSingh, Balwant; Gupta, Shobhna
1-Nov-2015Acoustic emission vis-à-vis electrochemical techniques for corrosion assessment in RC elementsPatil, Shilpa; Goyal, Shweta (Guide); Karkare, Bilavari (Guide)
20-Aug-2013Acoustic Features Based Automatic Segmentation of SyllablesKaur, Harsimran; Sharma, R. K. (Guide)
28-Jul-2017Acrylonitrile Embeded Benz(Imida/Thia)Zole Based Chemodosimeter for Cyanide IonsGupta, Nehal; Luxami, Vijay (Guide)
21-Sep-2016Active and Reactive Power Control in An Islanded Solar Microgrid Using Droop ControllerVerma, Pankaj; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
29-Nov-2011Active Protection of Corroded Steel Rebar Embedded in FRP Wrapped ConcreteKaur, Nimrat Pal; Mukherjee, Abhijit (Guide); Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
27-Sep-2012Active Protection of Reinforced Concrete Structures by FRP SheetsKumar, Sunil; Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
10-Aug-2009Active Site of Lipase from XRD and SiteEngine: A ComparisonJain, Nishu; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
18-Sep-2012Activity of the Immobilized Candida Rugosa LipaseSingh, Kavya; Ali, Amjad (Guide)
18-Jul-2017Adaptive Firefly Strategies for Load Frequency Controller DesignGarg, Ricky; Ganguli, Souvik (Guide)
3-Aug-2016An Adaptive Hybrid Algorithm For Digital Image Copy-Move Forgery DetectionLamba, Amanjot Kaur; Sharma, Sanjay (Guide); Jindal, Neeru (Guide)
19-Sep-2012An Adaptive Image Zooming Algorithm Using Interpolation TechniquesSharma, Ruchika; Kasana, Geeta (Guide)