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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Sep-2014Dairy Waste Water Treatment by Continuous Electrochemical ProcessKumari, Poonam; Kushwaha, J. P. (Guide); Sangal, V. K. (Guide)
25-Aug-2011Damage Detection & Evaluation in Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Laminated CompositesSingh, Gurdyal; Chhibber, Rahul (Guide); Sharma, Sandeep (Guide)
22-Sep-2008Damage Detection in Reinforcing Steel Bars using Ultrasonic Wave PropagationMukherjee, Abhijit; Vermani, Garima
20-Oct-2011Damage Detection of Retrofitted Beam using Frequency Response FunctionKumar, Yogesh; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
27-Aug-2015Damage Severity Assessment in Ductile and Brittle Media Using Improved b Value Analysis of AE DataSharma, Amit; Sharma, Sandeep Kumar (Guide)
7-Sep-2007Data Base Aspect on Normalization Techniques in Relational DatabaseSawhney, A.K.; Atwal, Iqbal S.
17-Sep-2007Data Compression TechniquesBhaskar, Adarsh Kumar; Ramakrishna, C. (Guide); Aggarwal, Himanshu (Guide)
20-Aug-2012Data Driven Multivariate Technique for Fault Detection of Waste Water Treatment PlantGupta, Nitesh; Kaur, Gagandeep (Guide)
9-Oct-2015Data Driven Tools for Dynamic Analysis of Building FramesJoshi, Shardul G.; Kwatra, Naveen (Guide); Londhe, S. N. (Guide)
18-Aug-2017Data Efficient NSX Inventory State Management in Cross-Cloud EnvironmentKaur, Navjot; Singh, Ashima (Guide)
18-Sep-2017Data Security in Wireless Communication using Multiple KeysKaur, Lovpreet; Kakkar, Ajay (Guide)
31-Aug-2016Data Transformation and Query Analysis of Elasticsearch and CouchDB Document Oriented DatabasesGupta, Sheffi; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
9-Aug-2017Datagram Loss Reduction in FANET using Dijkstra AlgorithmGupta, Alisha; Miglani, Sumit (Guide)
8-Jul-2008DATAMEDIC-NT (A practice Management System): Project reportVashist, KamalJeet; Shukla, Humesh Mohan; Vashist, KamalJeet
30-Jul-2015Day-ahead Pricing Model for Smart CloudChetan; Chana, Inderveer (Guide)
13-Jun-2012DDoS Attacks and Their Alleviation Using IptablesDahiya, Ravinder; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
17-Sep-2010DE-Noising MEMS Vibrating Gyro Using Wavelet TransformDas, Sangram Kesri; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
11-Sep-2017DEA-MCDM Approach for Ranking Decision Making Units Using OWA Aggregation OperatorsVerma, Meenu; Puri, Jolly (Guide)
13-Aug-2012Decay of 228Th* Formed Using Radioactive Beam 132Sn at Above Barrier EnergiesMittal, Honey; Sharma, Manoj Kumar (Guide)
25-Nov-2011Decay of Higher Order Solitons in the Presence of Dispersion, Self-steeping & Raman ScatteringRawal, Vidhu; Sharma, Sanjay (Guide)