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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Aug-2016Fabrication & Tribological Study of Copper Based Sintered CompositesSomani, Nalin; Srivastava, Vineet (Guide); Bhowmick, Hiralal (Guide)
13-Aug-2008Fabrication and Characterisation of some Metallic Nano/Microstructure Materials by Template Synthesis; Pabla, Raminder Kaur; Verma,N. K. (Guide)
29-Aug-2017Fabrication and characterization of carbon brushes using Cu, Ag and CNT composites: Micro structural property correlationPandey, Abhay; Kumar, Devender (Guide); Harshavardhana, N. (Guide)
5-Sep-2012Fabrication and design evaluation using cae tools for a 3-axis vertical milling machine for sculptured surface machiningMahajan, Akhil; Duvedi, Ravinder (Guide); Sharma, Sandeep (Guide)
26-Aug-2014Fabrication and Property Evaluation of a Epoxy-Clay-PET Nanocomposite SystemRaturi, Madhav; Nanda, Tarun (Guide); Mehta, Rajeev (Guide)
11-Aug-2017Fabrication of Glass Serpentine Microchannels using Rotary Ultrasonic MillingJain, Apoorv; Jain, Vivek (Guide); Gupta, Dheeraj (Guide)
10-Aug-2017Fabrication of LDH Supported Homogeneous & Heterogeneous Bimetallic Nanocomposites and It’s Catalytic ApplicationsArora, Nidhi; Basu, Soumen (Guide)
17-Sep-2014Fabrication of micro channels using wire EDM for optimum process parameter using MADM - TPOSIS ApprochSingh, Gurpreet; Agrawal, V.P. (Guide)
25-Aug-2010Face Recognition based on Wavelet Transform, Principal Component Analysis and Neural Network; Nigam, Rahul Dev; Singla, Sunil Kumar (Guide)
24-Sep-2008Face recognition system using neural network; Gupta, Sourabh; Singla, Sunil (Guide)
12-Sep-2016Factors affecting Agrobacterium tumefaciens mediated genetic transformation of Indian potato cultivar ‘Kufri Pukhraj’Gautam, Anuja; Kumar, Anil (Guide)
20-May-2016Factors influencing students’ mathematics achievement and their choice to study further mathematicsSoni, Akanksha; Kumari, Santha (Guide)
12-Aug-2016Failure Analysis of Double Pin- Loaded Holes in Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composite LaminatesSingh, Paramdeep; Bhunia, H (Guide); Saini, J. S. (Guide)
4-Sep-2009Failure Analysis Of Gear Material; Pandey, Vineet; Pandey, O. P. (Guide)
9-Sep-2014Failure Analysis of Pin Joints in Carbon-Epoxy Nanoclay Composite LaminatesBadhwar, Rohit; Saini, J. S. (Guide); Bhunia, Haripada (Guide)
2-Sep-2014Failure Analysis of Pin Joints in Glass-Epoxy Nanoclay Composite LaminatesSingh, Mandeep; Bhunia, Haripada (Guide); Saini, J. S. (Guide)
31-Aug-2016Failure Analysis of Single Pin Hole in Polymer Composite Laminates with addition of different NanofillersGupta, Piyush; Saini, J. S. (Guide); Bhunia, H. (Guide)
23-Sep-2009Failure mode of steel tension members due to change in connection eccentricity and connection length; Kumar, Diwaker; Saini, J.S. (Guide)
12-Aug-2009Fast Decoupleed Power Flow For Unbalanced Radial Distribution System; Singh, Kuldeep; Bhullar, Suman (Guide)
17-Sep-2007Faster generation of algebraic fractals; Kaur, Lakhwinder; Aggarwal, Himanshu (Guide); Kaur, Kanwalinderjit (Guide)