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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-2016I-Vector Based Depression Level Estimation TechniqueRani, Barkha; Bhattacharya, Jhilik (Guide)
12-Sep-2006ICT Enabled Library ServicesChauhan, Buddhi
12-Sep-2006ICT Enabled Library & Information ServicesChauhan, Buddhi
12-Sep-2006ICTLIS 2004: ProgrammeChauhan, Buddhi
17-Sep-2009IDDQ TESTING OF TWO STAGE CMOS OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIER; Kumar, B. Suman; Agarwal, Alpana (Guide)
26-Jul-2013Identification and Selection of Components using Component Coupling and Interface MetricsKaur, Navneet; Singh, Ashima (Guide)
12-Sep-2012Identification of immunogenic peptide in nucleoprotein (np) of H1N1 and H3N2Rathore, Abhishek; Baranwal, Manoj (Guide)
25-Aug-2014Identification of Immunogenic Peptides of Metadherin Protein for Cancer VaccineDhiman, Gourav; Baranwal, Manoj (Guide)
18-Aug-2015Identification of Individual Melodies Using Artificial Neural Network ClassifierPriya; Kumar, Ravi (Guide)
14-Aug-2014Identification of Peptide Containing T Cell Epitope Of Hemagglutinin Protein In H5n1 Influenza VirusKumari, Neha; Baranwal, Manoj (Guide)
8-Aug-2016Identify Similar Research Papers Using Locality Sensitive HashingGupta, Divya; Batra, Shalini (Guide)
29-Jul-2013Identifying and Implementing Testing Techniques for Web Applications Through A Case StudySingh, Sandeep; Goel, Shivani (Guide)
3-Sep-2009Identifying the suitability of Any Formal Language for a particular Application Area; Dhariwal, Monika; Goel, Shivani (Guide)
22-Jul-2009IInvestigation Of Organic Metal Complex Adsorbates; Uppal, Neeti; Raina, K.K (Guide)
5-Apr-2017IIT Ropar, Thapar varsity score well-
15-Sep-2009Image Acquisition Recognition And Speech Conversion; Somwanshi, Devendra Kumar; Kaur, Gagandeep (Guide)
22-Aug-2017Image and Video Security Using Fractional Transform and Multimodal Biometric KeysKaur, Jobanpreet; Jindal, Neeru (Guide); Sharma, Sanjay (Guide)
1-Aug-2016Image Authentication and Security using Digital SignaturesKaur, Harpreet; Kakkar, Ajay (Guide)
1-May-2007Image Compression and Encryption Using Discrete Fractional Cosine Transform; Singh, Navdeep