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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Sep-2008Killing Same and Different Location Multiple MutantsJaiswal, Updesh Kumar; Kumar, Ajay (Guide)
20-Sep-2011Kinematic Analysis of Heating Ventilating and Cooling Module Parts of Automobile Air Conditioning System Using CAE ToolsSingh, Baljeet; Singh, Daljeet (Guide); Saini, Jaswinder Singh (Guide)
7-Sep-2015Kinematic study and trajectory tracking of a five-DOF spatial manipulatorSingh, Shakti; Singla, Ashish (Guide); Soni, Sanjeev (Guide)
13-Sep-2014Kinematic Study of a Spatial Hybrid Manipulator for Robot-Assisted SurgerySingh, Amanpreet; Singla, Ashish (Guide); Soni, Sanjeev (Guide)
20-Mar-2017Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies on the Effect of Amino Acids, Alcohols, Crowding Agents, and Lyotropic Salts on ProteinsKumar, Rajesh; Kumar, Rajesh (Guide)
18-Jul-2014Kinetic and Thermodynamic Studies On the Effect of Chaotropic and Kosmotropic Cosolvents on ProteinsJain, Rishu; Kumar, Rajesh (Guide)
16-Dec-2011Kinetic Studies on Polymerization of Poly (LACTIC ACID) Using Suitable CatalystKaur, Paramjit; Mehta, Rajeev (Guide); Upadhyay, S. N. (Guide)
11-Sep-2017Kinetic Study of Sodium Borohydride Hydrolysis Using Langmuir-Hinshelwood ModelSudan, Arushi; Gangacharyulu, D (Guide); Gupta, R.K. (Guide)
24-Aug-2017Kinetics of CO 2 Sequestration by Anabaena Variabilis in a Stirred tank Batch Type PhotobioreactorKaur, Manpreet; Das, N (Guide); Bhunia, Haripada (Guide)
19-Apr-2007A Knowledge Based Engineering Approach for Design Automation (A Case Study: Rectangular Turret of Transformer)Subudhi, Shiv Prasad; Singh, Chanpreet; Gangacharyulu, D.; Dwivedi, Anshu
10-May-2010Knowledge Discovery in Databases Processing Using Improved Data Mining TechniquesManchanda, Sanjeev; Dave, Mayank (Guide); Singh, S.B. (Guide)
28-Oct-2017A Knowledge Economy Model for Government- Academia-Industry Collaboration in Automotive Industry in IndiaSingh, Supreet; Nangia, Vinay K. (Guide); Batish, Ajay (Guide)
2-Sep-2014L-Proline Catalyzed Asymmetric Synthesis of Serotonin Norepinephrine Reuptake InhibitorsAvneet, Kaur; Pandey, Sateyendra Kumar (Guide)
22-Sep-2016Laboratory Investigation of Bituminous Concrete (Grade – 1) Using Different Types of AdditivesGupta, Himanshu; Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
1-Nov-2016Laboratory Investigation of Dry Lean Concrete with Copper SlagKumar, Varinder; Kumar, Maneek (Guide); Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
4-Aug-2017Laboratory Investigations and Performance Evaluation of Stone Matrix Asphalt (SMA) As A Wearing Course Using Various Synthetic and Natural FibresJain, Sambhav; Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
1-Aug-2013Laboratory investigations of dense bituminous macadam (grade 1) mix using different types of additivesGupta, Karan; Chopra, Tanuj (Supervisor); Kumar, Maneek (Supervisor)
30-Sep-2008Laboratory Investigations of the Properties of Concrete Containing Recycled Plastic AggregatesYadav, Ishwar Singh; Kumar, Maneek (Guide); Goyal, Shweta (Guide)
1-May-2007Lactic Acid Production from Food Processing WastesGanguli, Abhijit; Biswas, Rajarshi
30-Aug-2017Lagenaria Siceraria Juice Extraction Method Optimization Through Pectinase EnzymeBawa, Divyansha; Rani, Jyoti (Guide)