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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Aug-2017A Machine Learning Approach for Churn Prediction in TelecommunicationMishra, Kriti; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
23-Jul-2015Machine Learning Approach to Malware Analysis and ReportingDhammi, Arshi; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
10-Aug-2017Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Basketball OutcomesKaur, Harmandeep; Jain, Sushma (Guide)
1-Oct-2008Machine Vision Based Bacteria-Colony CounterGoyal, Monita; Singh, Mandeep (Guide)
10-Aug-2009Machine Vision Based Examination Evaluation in Thapar UniversityBansal, Shruti; Singh, Mandeep (Guide)
19-Apr-2007Machine Vision based Identification and Dimensional Measurement of Electronic ComponentsSachdeva, Jainy; Singh, Mandeep (Guide); Singh, M.D. (Guide)
27-Jul-2011Macro Designing and Comparative Evaluation of Various Predictive Modeling Techniques of Credit Card DataSingh, Ravinder; Rani, Rinkle (Guide)
4-Sep-2014Macromolecular Crowding-Induced Molten Globule State of Acid-Denatured Horse Cytochrome cGoyal, Neha; Kumar, Rajesh (Guide)
4-Aug-2009Magicity Among Super Deformed Nuclei using Two Center Shell ModelSingla, Shilpy; Sharma, Manoj Kumar (Guide)
5-Jan-2016Magnetic and optical studies of transition metals-doped ZnS nanostructuresKumar, Sunil; Verma, N. K. (Guide)
5-Oct-2012Magnetic Behaviour of Co Doped CdSe Nanoparticles as Dilute Magnetic SemiconductorKaur, Ramandeep; Verma, N.K. (Guide)
15-Jun-2012Magnetic Properties of Manganese Ferrite NanoparticlesMuslim, Rowaid Raad; Tiwari, S.D. (Guide)
30-Aug-2017Magnetic Studies on CoFe2O4Thin Films Prepared by Spin Coating MethodRani, Neeru; Sharma, Puneet (Guide)
18-Jul-2008Makespan Optimization Algorithm for Scheduling in GridsKaur, Gurpreet; Bawa, Seema (Guide)
10-Aug-2017Malicious Host Detection using Probabilistic Data StructuresGupta, Divya; Batra, Shalini (Guide)
5-Sep-2017Malware AnalysisChahak; Madan, Sanjay (Guide); Verma, Anil Kumar (Guide)
14-Sep-2016Malware Detection Based on Opcode FrequencySingh, Maninder; Yewale, Abhijit
11-Aug-2015Mammogram Mass Classification Using Linear Differential Analysis Sequential Feature Selection TechniqueJain, Shipra; Singla, Sunil Kumar (Guide)
23-Oct-2015Management of urban stormwater at sub-watershed levelArora, Amarpreet Singh; Reddy, Akepati S. (Guide)
12-Oct-2010Management of Water Hyacinth Biomass Along with Industrial Effluents Through Mushroom Culturing and VermicompostingAnand, Priyanka; Reddy, A.S. (Guide)