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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Oct-2008Nano Particles Dispersed Liquid Crystal CompositesSharma, Deepika; Raina, K.K. (Guide)
27-Aug-2012Nanoclay Reinforcement Effects on Thermomechanical Properties of e Glass/Nanoclay- Epoxy LaminatesVerma, Rajan; Sharma, Bikramjit (Guide); Mehta, Rajeev (Guide)
19-Aug-2015Nanocvity-coupled photonic crystal waveguide as a biosensing platformSaronika; Kumar, Mukesh (Guide)
3-Aug-2017Nanofinishing of BK7 Glass Using Magnetorheological Finishing Technique with Solid Core Rotating ToolKumar, Sumit; Singh, Anant Kumar (Guide)
8-Apr-2008Natural Language Processing System Using Punjabi - Project Report Volume 1Narang, Himnish; Kaur, Jagmeet; Aggarwal, A.K. (Guide); Arneja, N.S. (Guide)
24-Jun-2008Natural Language Processing System Using Punjabi: Project ReportNarang, Himnish; Kaur, Narang; Arneja, N.S. (Guide)
8-Jul-2008Natural Language Processing System Using Punjabi: Project Report Volume IINarang, Himnish; Kaur, Jagmeet
29-Jul-2015Natural User interface using Microsoft Kinect and HTKKumar, Umesh; Kumar, Parteek (Guide)
2-Sep-2016A Navigation Guide for Visually Impaired PersonSinghal, Swati; Modi, Shatrughan (Guide)
16-Aug-2013Nearest Facility Location for Multiple Customers using Voronoi DiagramRavi, Agarwal; Garg, Deepak (Guide)
17-Jun-2016Network Framework for Multi-UAV Guided Ground Ad Hoc NetworkSharma, Vishal; Kumar, Rajesh (Guide)
8-Jun-2015Network Security Model for Attack Signature Generation, Tracking and AnalysisKaur, Sanmeet; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
5-Aug-2010Network Vulnerability Detection Using Ant Colony OptimizationKumar, Yogesh; Singh, Maninder (Guide)
11-Jul-2014Neural Network Based Power Control Algorithms for Mobile Ad-hoc NetworksKumar, Krishan; Singh, V. P. (Guide)
15-Sep-2009Neuro Fuzzy Control of Robotic Arm MovementAnshul; Kaur, Gagandeep (Guide)
22-Dec-2017Neuro-Computing Techniques for Prediction of Compressive Strength of ConcreteSharma, R.K.; Kumar, Maneek; Chopra, Palika
7-Nov-2013Neuro-Degenerative Disease Diagnosis Using Human GaitParamjeet; Singh, Moon Inder (Guide)
11-Nov-2013Neutral and Charged Receptors as Voltammetric Sensors for IonsKaur, Karamjeet; Mittal, Susheel (Guide); SK, Ashok Kumar (Guide)
8-Oct-2012Neutralization of Alkaline Waste Water from Pulp and Paper Industry by AlkaliphilesVerma, Bhuvnesh; Rajor, Anita (Guide)
15-Sep-2009Neutrino Mass Matrices with Two Texture ZerosBansal, Neha; Kumar, Sanjeev (Guide)