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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
11-Aug-2017Obesity Prediction using Ensemble Machine LearningJindal, Kapil; Baliyan, Niyati (Guide)
12-Oct-2010Object Detection in Image Using Particle Swarm OptimizationSharma, Ankit; Singh, Nirbhow Jap (Guide)
13-Nov-2014Object Oriented Finite Element Modelling and Fracture Analysis of Epoxy-Clay NanocompositeJasra, Yogeshwar; Sharma, Bikramjit (Guide)
17-Sep-2007Object-Oriented Programming of Numerical Methods with GUISivaprasad, A.; Aggarwal, Himanshu (Guide)
13-Sep-2014Obstacle and Singularity Avoidance of Redundant Serial Manipulators Using the Concept of Task PriorityArora, Himanshu; Singla, Ashish (Guide)
13-Aug-2009OCR Based Speech Synthesis System Using Lab VIEWYadav, Rajiv Kumar; Singla, Sunil Kumar (Guide)
3-Aug-2012OFDM Papr Reduction with Linear CodingSandha, Karamjeet; Singh, Sumeet
27-Aug-2013OFDM-PAPR Reduction using Statistical Clipping and Window based Noise FilteringSehgal, Aman; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
7-Aug-2017Off-Line Handwritten Character Recognition of Manipuri ScriptBawa, Seema; Bansal, P.K.; Vig, Renu; Singh, Th. Thokchom
6-Apr-2015Offline Handwritten Gurmukhi Script RecognitionKumar, Munish; Sharma, R.K. (Guide); Kumar, Manish (Guide)
14-Nov-2007Offline Handwritten Punjabi Character Recognition using Artificial Neural NetworksSharma, R.K.; Papneja, Sachin
17-Sep-2007Offline Segmentation of Machine Printed Gurmukhi Script with Emphasis on Touching CharactersVerma, Anil Kumar; Lehal, G.S. (Guide)
22-Aug-2011Offshore Wind Farms Integration Using HVDC Transmission SystemSingla, Neha; Jain, Sanjay Kumar (Guide)
19-Sep-2013On 1Ll - convergence of modified trigonometric sumsKaur, Hardeep; Bhatia, S. S. (Guide)
31-May-2016On Automorphism Groups of Finitely Generated GroupsSingh, Sandeep; Gumber, Deepak (Guide)
27-Aug-2009On Central Automorphisms That Fix The Centre ElementwiseShahi, Priya; Gumber, Deepak (Guide)
12-Aug-2008On Fault Tolerant Irregular Multistage Interconnection Networks; Manpreet; Rinkle Aggarwal
12-Aug-2008On Fault Tolerant Multistage Interconnection NetworksSheetal; Aggarwal, Rinkle (Guide)
1-Jun-2017On Generalized Convergence and Related Concepts for Sequences of Fuzzy NumbersKumar, Pankaj; Bhatia, S. S. (Guide); Kaushik, Vijay (Guide)
22-Feb-2018On Generalized Convergence in Sequence SpacesBhatia, S.S.; Kaushik, V.K.; Kumar, Sudhir