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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Aug-2013P-skip graph : an efficient data structure for peer to peer networkSingh, Amrinderpreet; Batra, Shalini (Guide)
Jun-2010Packet Filtering Using IP Tables in LinuxSharma, Bhisham; Bhatia, Sanmeet (Guide)
24-Aug-2015PAH Degradation in Artificially Lubricant Contaminated SoilIpsita; Rajor, Anita (Guide)
16-Nov-2009PALM Print Verification Using LabVIEWSingla, Sunil Kumar; Arora, A.S.; Chaudhary, Vivek
8-Jul-2008Paper Invoicing System at Ballarpur Industries Limited Yamuna NagarGupta, Pawan; Balwinder Kaur
19-Aug-2014PAPR Evaluation of 3GPP LTE Physical LayerSetia, Hiten; Joshi, Hem Dutt (Guide)
19-Aug-2014PAPR Reduction in OFDM System Using Partial Transmit Sequence (PTS) and Precoding TechniquesKhatiwada, Anil; Joshi, Hem Dutt (Guide)
21-Aug-2013Paradigm based Hindi morphological analyzerKumar, Vishal; Kaur, Rupinderdeep (Guide)
3-Feb-2009Parallelized Backpropagation Neural Network Algorithm using Distributed SystemKaki, Kiran Kumar; Singh, V.P. (Guide)
1-Oct-2007Parallelized Boolean Satisfiability Approach for VLSI Test GenerationKaur, Meet Kamal; Bawa, Seema (Guide)
16-Aug-2016Parameter Estimation and Tracking of Sinusoidal Signal using Variable-Step-Size LMS AlgorithmsGarg, Rohit; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
29-Aug-2011Parameter Estimation Based On Particle Swarm Optimization for Short Term Load ForecastingRani, Kanu; Kaur, Manbir (Guide)
24-Aug-2015Parameter estimation of distribution transformer using harmony search algorithmPuri, Tanu; Ganguli, Souvik (Guide)
12-Aug-2014Parameter Estimation of Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) Radar Signal Using Wigner-Ville Distribution and Radon TransformKumar, Sudhir; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
24-Aug-2015Parameter estimation of induction motor using music inspired algorithmSingla, Komal; Ganguli, Souvik (Guide)
12-Aug-2014Parameter Identification and Control of DC Motor using Curve Fitting TechniqueGupta, Kirti; Ganguli, Souvik (Guide)
21-Oct-2013Parameter Identification and Control of DC Motor using Firefly AlgorithmVashistha, Ankit; Ganguli, Souvik (Guide)
21-Oct-2013Parameter Identification and Control of DC Motor using Harmony Search AlgorithmMishra, Niteesh Chandra; Ganguli, Souvik (Guide)
26-Sep-2008Parameter Optimization For Segmenting Structures In CT imagesVerma, Manjit; Singh, M. D. (Guide)
9-Aug-2017Parameter Tuning Method Analytics (PaTM) for Different Datasets Using Classification ModelsDubey, Lata; Bawa, Seema (Guide); Bala, Anju (Guide)