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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Apr-2013QoS based resource provisioning and scheduling in gridsRajni; Chana, Inderveer (Guide)
21-Nov-2014QoS based Scheduling in Cloud ComputingKaur, Pankaj Deep; Chana, Inderveer (Guide)
24-Oct-2016QoS-aware Autonomic Resource Provisioning and Scheduling for Cloud ComputingSingh, Sukhpal; Chana, Inderveer (Guide)
8-Apr-2016Quality assessment of black tea based on physical parameters using machine visionGill, Gagandeep Singh; Agarwal, Ravinder (Guide); Kumar, Amod (Guide)
13-Aug-2012Quality Assurance in Open Source Software Development by Introducing Requirement Gathering PhaseChanalia, Navneet; Bassi, Vineeta (Guide)
24-Oct-2013Quality Grading of Pea Crop Using Artificial IntelligenceSingh, Nirbhow Jap (Guide); Pal Amrindra
2-Sep-2014Quality of Service Based Vertical Handoff in Heterogeneous Wireless NetworksKumar, Rajiv; Khanna, Rajesh (Guide)
3-Aug-2009Quality of Service in Wireless LAN Using Opnet ModelerSingh, Jasmeet; Singh, V.P. (Guide)
14-Sep-2016Quantative and Qualitative Analysis of Essential Oil Obtained From Turmeric RhizomesMalik, Nisha; Singh, Satnam (Guide); Chandra, Avinash (Guide)
8-Mar-2007Quantifying Impacts of Resource Heterogeneity on Grid PerformanceChana, Inderveer; Manjotra, Amerjit
8-Sep-2012A Quantitative Analysis of the Relationship between Drivers of Innovativeness and Performance of MSMEsGupta, Himanshu; Nanda, Tarun (Guide)
8-Sep-2012A Quantitative Evaluation of the Barriers Hindering the Growth of Small Sized Enterprises in a Developing EconomyKharub, Manjeet; Nanda, Tarun (Guide)
3-Aug-2009Quantum Neural Network Application for Weather ForecastingSingh, Gurwinder; Singh, V.P. (Guide)
3-Aug-2009Quantum Neural Network Training AlgorithmKumar, Mukesh; Singh, V.P. (Guide)
2-Sep-2013Quasi-Orthogonal Space-Time Block-Coded OFDM Wireless Mobile Communication Systems using Array-Processing ApproachKumar, Sunil; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
1-May-2007A Quatum based Method for FPGA RoutingSingh, Amardeep; Chopra, Vinay
10-Nov-2014Query Estimation in Data Streams Using Micro-ClusteringGupta, Sudhanshu; Garg, Deepak (Guide)
5-Aug-2013Query Execution and Effect of Compression on NoSQL Column Oriented Data-store Using Hadoop and HBaseRaichand, Priyanka; Aggarwal, Rinkle Rani (Guide)
29-Jul-2010Query Optimization in Wireless Sensor NetworksKumar, Vipin; Verma, A. K. (Guide)
12-Aug-2008Querying Relational Database in Semantic WebSawhney, Ruby; Batra, Shalini (Guide)