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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Jul-2015Radar Signal Processing Based on Nonlinear Frequency Modulated WaveformsShruti; Kumar, Sanjay (Guide)
11-Aug-2014Radial Distribution System Reconfiguration for Loss Minimization using Exhaustive Search TechniquesSingh, Utkarsh; Smarajit, Ghosh (Guide)
10-Aug-2010Random Number Generation and its Better TechniqueGurubilli, Prasada Rao; Garg, Deepak (Guide)
19-Sep-2013Ranking of wood species for automated ornamental carving on CNC router using madm approachBansal, Vikrant; Duvedi, Ravinder Kumar (Guide); Sharma, Sandeep K. (Guide)
19-Apr-2007Rapid Molecular Technique for Clonig of 5' Flanking Region of Potato GeneJaiswal, Urvashi; Das N. (Guide)
14-Aug-2015Reactive Power Loss Minimization in Radial Distribution Network using BFOASuthar, Ritu; Ghosh, Smarajit (Guide)
28-Jul-2017Real Power Control of Storage Free Hybrid MicrogridYadav, Manish Kumar; Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
11-Aug-2015Real Time Analytics for Non-Web Based ApplicationsJindal, Arvind; Chana, Inderveer (Guide)
22-Jul-2011Real Time Channel Estimation for MIMO SystemsTaneja, Ashu; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
21-Oct-2011Real Time Graphical Display and Error Reporting of Feedback on A 3-Axis Lathe MillSharma, Puneet; Jawanda, A.S. (Guide); Duvedi, Ravinder K. (Guide)
28-Jul-2015Real Time Hand Gesture Recognition Based Interface for Microsoft Word Document HandlingYadav, Kapil; Bhattacharya, Jhilik (Guide)
24-Jul-2012Real Time Image Transmission using FPGA on WARP test BedVerma, Ruchi; Khanna, Rajesh (Guide)
10-Sep-2010Real Time Implementation of Digital Modulation Techniques on Warp FPGABhardwaj, Lokesh; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
2-Aug-2016Real Time Implementation of Sobel Edge Detector on FPGASinghal, Dhruv; Kumar, Vinay (Guide)
1-Sep-2015Real Time Processing of GPS Data Using DSP TechniquesKaur, Barinder Vir; Kamboj, Sangeeta (Guide)
26-Aug-2014Real-Time Speech Recognition System for Prosthetic Arm ControlSamant, Piyush; Agarwal, Ravinder (Guide)
18-Sep-2009A Real-Time Vehicle License Plate Recognition (LPR) SystemKumar, Mukesh; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
27-Oct-2017Receptors Based on Diphenylether and its Aza Analogues for Ion Recognition using PotentiometryKaur, Harpreet; Mittal, Susheel (Guide); Chhibber, Manmohan (Guide)
23-Aug-2016Reciprocating Compressor Performance with Nanorefrigerant in a Vapour Compression SystemKumar, Shailendra; Lal, Kundan (Guide)
13-Jul-2009Recognition of Handwritten Devanagari Script Using Soft ComputingSharma, Divya; Verma, Karun (Guide)