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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Jul-2012Satellite Image Processing Using Discrete Fractional TransformsKumar, Rajinder; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
1-May-2007Satisfiability Application-Dependent Testing of FPGA using Quantum ComputingSingh, Amardeep; Singh, Surinder Pal
10-Oct-2017Scalable and Low Overhead Watermarking Based Integrated Authentication and Encryption Scheme for Wireless Sensor NetworksGambhir, Tanvi; Vohra, Harpreet (Guide)
8-Aug-2014Scalable Congestion Aware Replication framework for Mobile Ad hoc NetworksKaur, Navroop; Kumar, Neeraj (Guide)
22-Aug-2016Scalar and Vector Valued Radial Basis FunctionsKaur, Jaswinder; Kavita (Guide)
24-Jul-2015Scenario Based Software Testing Using UML Activity DiagramKhan, Aamir; Arora, Vinay (Guide)
14-Aug-2015Schema Extraction of Document Database - MongoDBGarg, Binny; Kaur, Karamjit (Guide)
25-Aug-2015School Bus Routing and Scheduling Based on Branch and Bound ApproachKumar, Yash; Jain, Sushma (Guide)
26-Aug-2016Scope Of Energy Conservation In A Pharmaceutical IndustrySingh, Nischay Pratap; Kumar, Anoop (Guide); Gupta, Subodh (Guide)
22-Aug-2014Screening and Characterization of Microbially Produced Iron Binding ExobiopolymersSharma, Divya; Ghosh, Moushumi (Guide); Singh, Sudhir Kumar (Guide)
12-Oct-2016Screening and Identification of Lovastatin producing endophytic fungiKaur, Manpreet; Saxena, Sanjai (Guide)
14-Sep-2017Screening and Isolation of α- Amylase Inhibitors from Endophytic Fungi for their Possible use in Management of Type-2 DiabetesDhunna, Avneet; Saxena, Sanjai (Guide)
8-Sep-2015Screening and Purification of Resveratrol from Endophytic FungiSrivastava, Anugya; Saxena, Sanjai (Guide)
5-Nov-2012Screening Endophytic Fungal Broth for L-Methioninase ActivityBahl, Charu; Saxena, Sanjai (Guide); Sharma, Siddharth (Guide)
12-Sep-2012Screening of Endophytic Fungi for Antimicrobial ActivityShivani; Vasundhara, M. (Guide)
12-Dec-2011Screening of Endophytic Fungi for Cholestesterol Oxidase ProducerBindal, Shruti; Saxena, Sanjai (Guide)
23-Sep-2013Screening of endophytic fungi for lipase inhibitors as therapeutic modalities in obesity treatmentRana, Rahul; Saxena, Sanjai (Guide)
28-Aug-2014Screening of Endophytic Fungi for Production of Asparaginase EnzymeKaur, Preetinder; Saxena, Sanjai (Guide)
17-Aug-2011Screening of Endophytic Fungi for Xanthine Oxidase Producer (S)Gupta, Avom; Saxena, Sanjai (Guide)
30-Sep-2013Screening of endophytic fungi Xylaria for antibacterial and antifungal activityNilza; Vasundhara, M (Guide)