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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Aug-2014Valence Detection Using EEG SignalsSandel, Ankita; Singh, Moon Inder (Guide)
17-Oct-2016Value Relevance of Degree of Leverages and its Impact on Systematic Risk: An empirical study on Indian manufacturing firmsGupta, Pradeep Kumar; Kumar, Shailendra (Guide); Verma, Piyush (Guide)
22-Jul-2015Variable Bid Fee: An Online Auction Shill Bidding Prevention MethodologyKaur, Dhanmeet; Garg, Deepak (Guide)
7-Aug-2015Variation of thermo-physical properties of thermal energy storage system with the use of aluminium/distilled water based nanofluid through a circular pipeSingh, Varinder; Sharma, Sumeet (Guide); Gangacharyulu, D (Guide)
10-Sep-2014Various Media Formulations for in Vitro Clonal Propagation and Agrobacterium-Mediated Genetic Transformation of Jatropha (Jatropha curcas L.)-A Promising Biodiesel CropKhullar, Shikha; Das, Niranjan (Guide)
27-Aug-2013Vertical and horizontal handover in heterogeneous wireless networksDhiman, Abhishek; Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
1-May-2007VHDL Implementation of REED-SOLOMON Codes; Saneep Kaur
25-Sep-2012Vibration analysis of carbon nanotube through finite element methodSaini, Davinder; Kumar, Devender (Guide)
18-Nov-2011VIBRATION BASED ANALYSIS OF DEFECTS IN ROTATING SHAFTS; Rajdeep, Singh; Agrawal, V.P. (Guide); Kankar, P.K.(Guide)
22-Jul-2011VIBRATION CONTROL IMPLEMENTATION IN A BRAKING SYSTEM; Pandey, Pramod Kumar; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
28-Jul-2011Vibro Acoustic Analysis of 630 kVA Transformer Core; Mittal, Himansho; Nigam, S. P. (Guide); Dubey, Parmatma (Guide)
24-Jun-2008Video conferencing on LAN: Project Report; Anand, Salil; Krishnan, V. (Guide)
1-May-2007Video Image Enhancement and Object Tracking; Sehgal, Rajan
16-Sep-2016Video Phylogeny based on Fingerprint Features for Near- Duplicate Video Clips Detection and Parent tree generationKaur, Mandeep; Bhattacharya, Jhilik (Guide)
29-Jul-2015Video Search Engine Optimization Technique Using Keyword and Feature AnalysisChoudhari, Krishna Dinesh; Bhalla, Vinod Kumar (Guide)
11-Sep-2007Virtual lan implementation and issues; Joshi, P.S.; Bhattacharya, S. K. (Guide)
16-Aug-2017Virtual Local Area Network Based Advance Driver Assistant SystemSharma, Aashima; Singh, Maninder (Guide); Bhatt, Mamta (Guide)
12-Sep-2016Visual Detection of Sudan-IV Dye in Culinary Spices by Plasmon Resonance Light ScatteringGoyal, Alice; Chudasama, B. N. (Guide)
11-Aug-2014Visualization of Deadlock and Wait-Notify Anomaly in Multithreaded ProgramsJyoti, Aman; Arora, Vinay