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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Aug-2011Waste Based Separation Media for Environmental ApplicationsBalakrishnan, Malini; Tejoprakash, N.; Verma, Sakshi
8-Aug-2011Waste Management in Electroplating IndustryMathur, Anuj; Reddy, A.S. (Guide); Saraswat, Nirmala (Guide)
23-Aug-2013Wastewater management in rural human settlements using village pondsKaur, Gurprinder; Reddy, A. S. (Guide)
29-Mar-2018Wastewater Management Studies In Textile ProcessingReddy, Akepati Siva; Singh, Harpreet
2-Sep-2013Wastewater management study for a textile processing industryKaur, Arshdeep; Reddy, A. S. (Guide)
23-Aug-2013Water hyacinth ponds as an alternative to polishing ponds for the treatment of effluent for UASBSrivastava, Kamna; Reddy, AS (Guide)
23-Mar-2017Water Quality Management Studies on the River Satluj for the Protection of the Harike Wetland SystemSharma, Siddhartha; Reddy, A. S. (Guide); Dalwani, R. (Guide)
25-Aug-2015Water quality sensing with sensors and mobile smart phoneMourya, Ghanshyam; Saxena, Sharad (Guide); Garhwal, Sunita (Guide)
11-Nov-2014Water Quality Studies of Eating Establishments of PatialaGandotra, Ankit; Babu, K. S. (Guide)
9-Sep-2011Wavelength Assignment Algorithm in WDM NetworkSingal, Anuj; Kaler, R.S. (Guide)
30-Oct-2012Wavelet based Flicker Analysis and Removal System Using LabviewSingh, Amrik; Singla, Sunil Kumar (Guide)
29-Sep-2008Wavelet Transform Based Image DenoisingKumar, Rakesh; Singh, Yaduvir (Guide)
22-Jan-2015Wavelet Transforms in Speech ProcessingKumar, Arun; Sharma, R.K. (Guide)
Oct-2011Wear Behavior of Dual Particle Size (DPS) Reinforced Aluminum AlloyKumar, Suresh; Pandey, O. P. (Guide)
10-Oct-2011Wear Behaviour of Aluminium Based Metal Matrix Composites Reinforced With Red Mud, SiC and Al2o3Bansal, Hitesh; Singla, Yogesh Kumar (Guide); Kalra, Anil (Guide)
29-Jul-2011Wear Characteristic of Dual Reinforced Particles (DRP) Aluminum AlloySharma, Vipin; Pandey, O. P. (Guide)
12-Sep-2012Wear Characteristic of Rutile Reinforced Particles in Aluminum CompositeSingh, Ravinder; Pandey, O. P. (Guide)
12-Sep-2013Wear testing of hybrid epoxy nanocompositesThind, Karanvir Singh; Bhunia, H. (Guide); Saini, J. S. (Guide)
12-Sep-2012Weather Sensitive Short Term Load Forecasting using Non-fully connected Feed Forward Neural NetworkGupta, Monika; Kaur, Manbir (Guide)
24-Jul-2012Web Page Categorization based on Characteristics of Web PageTaneja, Khushboo; Bhalla, Vinod Kumar (Guide)