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Title: Fungus mediated tranesterification of triglycerides
Authors: Aulakh, Satnam Singh
Prakash, Ranjana (Guide)
Prakash, N.Tejo (Guide)
Keywords: Fungus;Biocatalysis;Transesterification;Oil
Issue Date: 30-Oct-2012
Abstract: The present study outlines the findings on whole cell catalyzed transesterification of vegetable oils. Seven different fungal isolates were obtained from biocontaminated butter. Aspergillus flavus (RBD01) (MTCC5436) was used as whole cell catalyst wherein the organism was observed to hydrolyze and completely transesterify vegetable oils to alkyl esters at 70% oil supplementation. Similar observations were obtained with dry biomass in growth conditions devoid of water. Ethanol was found to be a better acyl acceptor over other alcohols. The characteristics of ethyl ester obtained in the study were observed to be nearly equal to the ASTM and BIS standards. The work is of importance in demonstrating the potential nature of fungus catalyzed transesterification for generation of alkyl esters of industrial and commercial importance.
Description: PhD Thesis
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