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Title: Power Leach - A Novel Power Aware Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Bisht, Preeti
Verma, A K (Guide)
Keywords: WSN
cluster head
computer science
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2014
Abstract: Wireless sensor network (WSN) is a group of sensor nodes for monitoring and recording the changes sensed by them and sends it to base station for further study. This procedure dissipates lots of network energy and nodes have limited power, hence they start dying and reduce the network lifetime. To deal with this problem many energy efficient algorithms were introduced and LEACH is one of them. LEACH follows a cluster head (CH) selection scheme, where network is divided into many cluster and each cluster has a cluster head for a round and for the next round new cluster head is chosen. But sometime it seems unnecessary because CH have sufficient energy to conduct the next round. This problem is the base of the thesis where an improvement in the cluster head selection scheme and the power usage of the network is done which further increase the network lifetime and make the algorithm energy efficient and the algorithm is named as power- LEACH. In this thesis, it is shown that CH selection is based on the threshold value; if the threshold value is greater than average energy then no selection of cluster head is being done. The power level to each node is also set, if nodes did an inter-cluster communication then high power level is assigned because at that time CH needs to communicate with base station which demands more power and for intra-cluster communication low power level is assigned. In this way network energy is being balanced and increase the network life time which is shown in our simulation results. The report shows vast improvement over basic-LEACH through simulation in MATLAB.
Description: Master of Engineering-Thesis
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