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Title: An Efficient Load Balancing Based on Resource Utilization in Cloud Computing
Authors: Bedi, Gurpreet Singh
Singh, Ashima (Guide)
Keywords: Cloud Computing
Load Balancing
Priority Policy
Power Consumption
Resource Utilization
computer science
Issue Date: 7-Aug-2014
Abstract: The development of the internet has given birth to many technologies. Cloud computing is a latest trend in large scale data processing. It aids in providing shared resources. It gives support to the distributed parallel processing. However, providing an efficient response time is a major challenging issue in the distributed systems. Cloud computing provides data on the pay per use basis and eliminates the need of having one’s own device. As cloud computing grows, more users get attracted towards it. Lesser response time is needed for distributed computing and effective load balancing is one of the major issues that can improve response time. Improving the dynamic nature of load balancing algorithms in order to improve the performance of the cluster is the first and foremost requirement. In the proposed algorithm, load balancing is done by considering priority policy. Priority calculation is done by considering hardware parameters including CPU speed, memory resource and power consumption which helps to avoid the overloading and underloading of resources. A resource allocation strategy that takes into account resource utilization would lead to better energy efficiency. An Efficient Load Balancing based on Resource Utilization is proposed and related algorithm is executed on cloudsim and its toolkit. The results show the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm.
Description: Master of Engineering-Thesis
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