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Title: Study of Microgrid and Its Communication Protocols
Authors: Tripathi, Laxmi Shankar
Basak, Prasenjit (Guide)
Keywords: Microgrid
IEC 61850
IEEE 1547
IEC 61400-25
Distributed Generator
Photovoltaic Generator
DC Microgrid System
Issue Date: 12-Aug-2014
Abstract: The traditional power systems throughout world or mainly dependent upon the conventional method of power generation of electrical power by the combination of Fossil fuel. But there kind of fuel is being exhausted rapidly which will create huge crises fuel for power generation after few decades. So worldwide research activities have already had being initiated to find out the alternatives source of energy through the maximum utilization of renewable energy resources. It is realize that individual capacity of renewable energy resources such as, Photovoltaic Generator, and Wind turbine, etc. are small compared to the traditional generation technology such as thermal power station. In this scenario microgrid system is emerging as a probable solution to solve the power crises in future. The microgrid is interconnected system of different types of energy resources such as photovoltaic, wind energy, Biomass, small hydroelectric generation statics, Fossil fuel etc. which needs proper coordination for satisfactory operation to meet the load demands. To achieve this coordination, microgrid itself requires good communication infrastructures so that it can operate in grid and Islanded mode as well as in the situation while same faults have occurred in the power network. In the present work a detailed Literature survey has been performed to identify the latest communication infrastructure and communication protocols as suggested by many researchers and IEEE/IEC standards also a sample microgrid is modeled and simulated to investigate the basic mode of the operation, the results represented in the form of waveforms which are found satisfactory.
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