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Title: Effect of Driver Size and Optimum Repeaters on Propagation Delay and Power Dissipation in MWCNT Interconnects
Authors: Verma, Arun
Sandha, Karmjit Singh (Guide)
Keywords: MWCNT;Driver Size;Repaters;Interconnects
Issue Date: 13-Aug-2014
Abstract: At such a high pace advancements in the technologies today and their ubiquitous use, speed and size, has been the important aspects in VLSI interconnect. Most importantly interconnects play a big role in defining the size, power consumption and clock frequency in digital system. This thesis covers the various aspects of Carbon Nanotube (CNT) based VLSI interconnects. CNT interconnects presents a promising option for replacing the existing Copper interconnects. The two basic types of CNT are the Single wall and Multi wall CNT (i.e. SWCNT and MWCNT). The MWCNT’s equivalent electrical model has been briefly studied. It has been seen how the individual shell structure of the MWCNT behaves like the equivalent circuit of the passive elements i.e. RLC, which results us to easily study the MWCNT. The comparative study between MWCNT and Copper interconnects are shown with respect to RLC values, Delay and Average power consumed. The value of driver size, where the propagation delay is minimum and power is not too high is the optimum value, because the value of power is increasing with the driver size as propagation delay decreases for some values. The lumped circuit for the RLC interconnects results in an increased propagation delay, so a distributed circuit is found as a panache giving a decreased in the propagation delay. Our motive is to reduce the propagation delay and to achieve this we place a number of Repeaters in a long interconnect wire and also uses the driver-interconnect-load (DIL) employing CMOS driver. There is an occurrence of tradeoff between propagation delay and power consumed, because propagation delay value decreases but power consumption gets increased, so, an optimum value of repeaters is taken. The repeaters used in the distributed circuit are the CMOS devices, these distributed circuit also provides a good analysis of the RLC interconnect.
Description: ME, ECED
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