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Title: Accident Studies and Road Safety Audit on National Highways
Authors: Bhagat, Kapil
Kwatra, Naveen (Guide)
Chopra, Tanuj (Guide)
Keywords: Road Safety Audit
Black Spot studies
Accident studies
Issue Date: 6-Oct-2014
Abstract: Road safety audit is a new scheme which is very helpful and necessary now a day to help in reducing in the number of accidents. The road safety audit covers new road infrastructure projects as well as road improvement schemes. The road safety audit procedures have been developed to include all stages of the project implementation i.e. from planning stage to development stage, detailed design, construction (or pre-opening) and operational stage. For the safety audit this is very important to collect the accident data before the improvement schemes of the roads to know about the various causes of the accidents which may have happened because of the lack of the safety measures taken on the road This study deal with the collection of accident data for the National Highway 21 (Kiratpur to Nerchowk) to locate black spot (location having ASI value More than the average ASI value) on this particular stretch This study also deal with the development phase of the road safety audit for the design of the vertical and horizontal curves. Road Safety Audit is a very important for the proper implementation, design, operation and maintenance for the design period of the road. It is very important from the safety aspects of people. Road Safety Audit means safer roads and safer roads mean safe life.
Description: ME, CED
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