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Title: To Study the Design and Analysis of Operational Amplifier
Authors: Chatterjee, Soumen
Rai, Mayank Kumar (Guide)
Keywords: Operational amplifer
Folded Cascode
Telescopic and output swing
Issue Date: 5-Aug-2015
Abstract: Operational Amplifiers (op-amps) have been in use for a long time. They are very versatile. They have the performance levels which are closed to ideal. As a part of the thesis work, a two stage fully differential telescopic operational amplifier and a two stage fully differential folded cascode operational amplifier have been designed and compared at 180 nm technology node. Here the unity gain frequency and the slew rate of both the amplifiers are maintained same. Such an effort is made so as to bring about a comparison of their various parameters viz. voltage gain, phase margin, common mode rejection ratio (CMRR), power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), output swing and power consumption. The following parameters of the telescopic two stage amplifier were found to be superior as compared to its folded cascade counterpart viz. voltage gain, CMRR, PSRR and low power applications. Whereas the folded cascode two stage gives better results in terms of bandwidth and output swing limit.
Description: ME, ECED
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