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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Aug-2016Allocating TCSC for Transmission Congestion Management in Deregulated EnvironmentSharma, Akanksha; Jain, Sanjay K. (Guide)
8-Apr-2016Quality assessment of black tea based on physical parameters using machine visionGill, Gagandeep Singh; Agarwal, Ravinder (Guide); Kumar, Amod (Guide)
4-Aug-2016Applying Heuristic Optimization Technique for Optimal Scheduling of Pumped Storage Hydrothermal SystemPatwal, Rituraj Singh; Narang, Nitin (Guide)
2016Design of Modified Droop Controller and Aggregator for Frequency Support in Microgrid using Electric VehiclesRana, Rubi; Singh, Mukesh (Guide)
1-Aug-2016Voltage flicker mitigation using forty pulse voltage source converter based DSTATCOMBhagat, Akanksha; Nijhawan, Parag (Guide)
20-Jul-2016Analysis of Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow with Thyristor Controlled Series CompensatorKaur, Manpreet; Jain, Sanjay K. (Guide)
5-Aug-2016Relationship between Three Ayurvedic Doshas and Heart Rate Variability Frequency Bands: A Pilot StudySingh, Harupjit; Singh, Mandeep (Guide)
4-Aug-2016Optimal Placement of Phasor Measurement Units for Harmonic Source IdentificationDixit, Anupam; Jain, Sanjay K. (Guide)
12-Aug-2016Comparative Evaluation of PCA-based Feature Transformation Techniques in Classification of Hepatic Focal Lesions with Ultrasound ImagesPaul, Himanshu; Mittal, Deepti (Guide)
3-Aug-2016Performance Analysis of Various Multi-Level Voltage Source Converter TopologiesKumar, Gaurav; Nijhawan, Parag (Guide)