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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Aug-2013OFDM-PAPR Reduction using Statistical Clipping and Window based Noise FilteringSehgal, Aman; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
8-Jul-2014Design and Implementation of Efficient Structures for Digital InterpolatorsRatan, Rajeev; Sharma, Sanjay Kumar (Guide); Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
14-Aug-2014Performance Evaluation of Sfbc-Ofdm System Using Zero-Forcing Detection Scheme Under Mobile EnvironmentKaur, Mandeep; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
14-Aug-2014Performance Evaluation of Space-Frequency Block -Coded Detection Technique Based on MMSE Criterion Under Mobile EnvironmentVansdadiya, Nandkishor; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
14-Aug-2014Performance Evaluation of High-Rate Space-Time Block-Coded Wireless Systems Working Under Nakagami Fading ChannelKumar, Devendra; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
14-Aug-2014Performance Evaluation of Free Space Optical (FSO) Communication with Direct Detection in the Presence of Optical JammerKaur, Parampreet; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
8-Aug-2016Performance Evaluation of High-Rate Stbc Communication System Using Imperfect CSI Working Under Time-Selective Flat-Fading ChannelSonali; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
8-Aug-2016Adaptive Polynomial Filtering for System Identification Using Modified Sigmoid Variable Step-Size LMS AlgorithmKumar, Shiv; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
16-Aug-2016Parameter Estimation and Tracking of Sinusoidal Signal using Variable-Step-Size LMS AlgorithmsGarg, Rohit; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
25-Jul-2016Optimized Mitigation of Impulsive Noise in OFDM System using CSISehrawat, Shivani; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)