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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Aug-2017Area and Power Efficient Register Allocation Technique for the Implementation of Principal Component AnalysisThethi, Sukhmani Kaur; Kumar, Ravi (Guide)
10-Aug-2017Performance of Scheduling Scheme for MU-MIMO BC System with Two-Stage FeedbackRalhan, Kanika; Sharma, Surbhi (Guide)
11-Sep-2017Exemplar-based Colour Image Inpainting: A Fractional Gradient Approach with Improved Confidence TermAujla, Sehajbir; Singh, Kulbir (Guide)
11-Aug-2017Optimum Physical Design Implementation of Block Level Networking Asic and Its Power EstimationSingh, Tej Pal; Pant, Nitin (Guide); Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
11-Aug-2017Nonlinear Acoustic Echo Cancellation Using Adaptive Algorithms under Noisy EnvironmentSharma, Jashu; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
11-Aug-2017Performance Evaluation of OFDM Systems Using Blind Phase Noise Compensation in the Presence of Jammer NoiseKaur, Jason Preet; Kohli, Amit Kumar (Guide)
11-Aug-2017Performance Analysis of Cyclic Prefix Free STBC Encoded MIMO-OFDM System Using Oblique Projection TechniqueAtrey, Shivangi; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
11-Aug-2017Resource Allocation in Cooperative Communication Using Coalitional Game TheoryKaur, Rajneet; Sharma, Sanjay (Guide); Kumar, Ravi (Guide)
11-Aug-2017Performance Evaluation of QO-STBC Encoded MIMO System with D-QR Decomposition Under TWDP Wireless Fading ChannelKaur, Ishdeep; Kansal, Ankush (Guide)
11-Aug-2017Bandwidth Allocation for Multiple- User and Multiple- Relay Cooperative Systems Using Stackelberg GameRahi, Priyanka; Sharma, Sanjay (Guide)