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Title: Application of DLR method to evaluation of ATC considering the Real-time or Predicted weather conditions
Authors: Jaryal, Vishwas
Sinha, Amrita (Guide)
Keywords: Available Transfer Capability
Total Transfer Capability
Dynamic Line Rating
Issue Date: 4-Aug-2017
Publisher: Thapar University
Abstract: In order to obtain the optimal usage of maximum already present transmission structure is more preferable than reconstruction of already existing transmission lines (TLs). Advancements in, technologies, sensors and communication system make possible to calculate the real time thermal capacity of transmission lines and that rating is called dynamic rating. For this competitive energy market, transmission capability of line and condition of the system in real time is necessary to predict for future operations. In this thesis the dynamic transmission line rating (DLR) method is considered, rather than static rating for the calculation. The DLR of line is done by considering repetitive calculation of the line current based on dynamic environmental conditions. It reflects that use of DLR has a vast effect for the calculation of available transfer capability (ATC) of TLs. A MATLAB program has been developed for calculating the dynamic rating using IEEE standard 738. The aim of this work is to minimize the difference between Actual power flow in the line and the power i.e. calculated with considering the effect of dynamic weather conditions. With this it has been trying to predict that at what wind speed, Temperature, and wind angle the power transfer will be maximum. Online or predicted weather data can also be fetched and calculate that at what time of the day the line has been able to transfer the maximum power to the load. IEEE 6-bus system and 30-bus system have been used as test system.
Description: Master of Engineering -Power Systems
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