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Title: Design and Optimization of Microstsrip Patch Antenna Using Differential Evolution Algorithm for Wireless Applications
Authors: Nitika
Kaur, Jaswinder (Guide)
Keywords: Microstrip Patch Antenna;Differential Evolution Algorithm;Defected Ground Structure;CST MWS;X-Band;Ku-Band;Wireless Applications;Optimization
Issue Date: 13-Sep-2017
Abstract: Microstrip patch antennas have a lot of qualities like light weight, low profile, ease of fabrication and low production cost. These antennas have many applications such as spacecraft, high performance aircraft, missiles, and space satellites, where constraints are weight, size, performance, cost, aerodynamic profile, and ease of installation. There are many other applications like wireless communications and mobile radio which use microstrip antennas and hence, they play a very important role in this era of wireless communication systems. Antenna parameters need to be optimized for obtaining better results. Thus an algorithm technique is used for ease in computation complexity for optimizing different antenna parameters. Differential Evolution Algorithm is a strategy that optimizes a problem by utilizing iterative method to improve a candidate solution to a given measure of quality. This optimization technique improve the results by maintain a population of candidates solutions and developing new candidate solutions by combination of all presented ones according to its simple formulae and then considering the candidate solution with best score or fitness value. In this thesis work a hand-fan shaped, modified t-shape and dual-band rectangular MPAs are represented. A modified t-shape and dual-band rectangular MPAs were optimized using DE algorithm. The proposed antennas cover the frequency range of 2.34–2.68 GHz and 5.28–6.32 GHz with 340 MHz and 1040 MHz bandwidth respectively, 2.34–2.68 GHz and 5.28–6.32 GHz with their respective bandwidths of 690 MHz and 1120 MHz and 0.91 - 2.82 GHz with bandwidth of 1910 MHz.
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