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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
27-Mar-2014Optimization of Spray Parametrs for High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (HVOF) Sprayed Abradable CoatingGaurav; Kumar, Devender (Guide)
25-Mar-2014Taguchi Method Based Approach for Improvement in Mechanical Properties of Fly Ash Reinforced Aluminum Matrix CompositesParas; Sharma, Bikramjit (Guide); Singla, V. K. (Guide)
13-Aug-2014Investigation of Leaching Characteristics of Coal AshSharma, Nakul; Mohapatra, S. K. (Guide)
13-Aug-2014Investigation of Leaching Characteristics of Rolling Mill AshSharma, Rajan; Kumar, Satish (Guide)
13-Aug-2014Investigation of Flow Characteristics of Coal Water SlurryKumar, Deepak; Kumar, Satish (Guide)
10-Aug-2015An investigation into the effects of variation of particle size on the fluidization and de-aeration characteristics of powders to assess dense-phase pneumatic conveyabilityChawla, Amanpreet; Mallick, S.S. (Guide)
7-Aug-2015Performance evaluation of nanofluid (Al2O3-H2O & Al2O3-H2O, ethylene glycol) based parabolic concentrating solar collectorKetan, Ajay; Lal, Kundan (Guide)
10-Aug-2015To study the effect of Al/water nanofluids on thermo-hydraulic performance of single-pass cross-flow compact heat exchangerSingh, Suveg; Sharma, Sumeet (Guide); Gangacharyulu, D (Guide)
7-Aug-2015Performance evaluation of a nanofluid (CuO-H2O) based heat exchanger with turbulatorsKumar, Rajan; Lal, Kundan (Guide)
7-Aug-2015Performance evaluation of a nanorefrigerant based vapor compression refrigeration systemSharma, Tarun; Lal, Kundan (Guide)